100% made in Romania

For more than 10 years we carefully custom designs
“Made in Romania”.

Our babes / Babes

For daring, free spirited, and truly fashionable women who dress up for anyone but themselves.

Our spirit / Spirit

Our philosophy goes beyond labels, it’s about a lifestyle, it’s all about the #RockAndRoyal spirit.

About our designs

With high influences from the decadence and opulence of the ‘80s and that touch of #RockAndRoyal that makes you feel unique, our collections are more power dressing. It’s like you feature to the groovy dance floor of Studio 54 or on the stage like a rockstar. With daring designs, specific aesthetics and stellar party dresses, you’ll feel the glamorous spirit of the rock’n’roll party era.




Mini Dresses

Recent Arrivals

Wear our daring designs and you’ll be the rockstar on the glamorous dance floor!


The glam details are making the difference for our designs. Choose one of our spectacular dresses and you’ll steal the spotlights!

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Latest News

If you want to know more about our #RockAndRoyal world, visit our blog.

RCW ’22 Catwalk New Logo launch

A glimpse of our #RockAndRoyal World seen at Romanian Creative Week Our new logo launch We wanted to show more from our dna brand so…

Meet ZayLLa our #RockAndRoyal digital Muse

We are happy & proud to introduce you our #RockAndRoyal Muse Babe⚡️ Fashion has always been laced with an element of fantasy so now even…

Romanian Treasure

  Laura Lazar a lansat pe 10 decembrie 2013, in sala Irina Nicolau a Muzeului Taranului Roman, o colectie-capsula intitulata “Romanian Treasure”, o linie nascuta din…

Festival Season

While festivals season is ON and we love to be an inspiration for you all #RockAndRoyal babes, here’s some showstopping LL inspiring outfits. We are…

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