Discover The Story Behind Our Passion For Fringes

Dear Rock And Royal friends,

Today we will walk you through the story behind our signature fringed dresses and the icons that constantly inspire the brand’s creative process.

“Ever since I was a kid my parents introduced me to rock music, and I vividly remember the videotape from Woodstock festival that I used to watch in fascination over and over again, listening to the music and admiring the artists and their free spirit.

Their music became my guide in the years that followed, and their electrifying vibes influenced me forever. I always say that if I could go back in time I would choose to go back in 1969 at Woodstock festival. But most of all I wish that The Doors would have performed at the festival so that I could feel their hypnotic music and dance freely under the stars, surrounded by people to which music, love and passionate madness meant everything.

I could write so much about those times that seem tattooed in my soul, and about my feelings, because there are not enough words to express how much that era influenced me and helped me become the person I am today. I say who I am and not what I do because my work is part of me and everything related is part of my soul. Rock’n’Roll is part of my soul! And therefore, the core value of my brand lies in the spirit of rock’n’roll music.

I am completely under the spell of the 70s psychedelic era and everything it stands for, from music and dance moves that seemed drawn from a Native American dream to lifestyle and of course fashion. The moment I saw Roger Daltrey (The Who) on stage at Woodstock was the moment I fell in love with fringes, it was like they had their own magical dance, swishing playing with my mind and hypnotizing me. To me, this is one of the most iconic images of the hippie movement as well as one of the most important moments in fashion history. I used to watch this particular moment, playing it and rewinding it over and over again mesmerized of how sometimes a piece of clothing can sing to you and have you totally bewitched.

Therefore, it is natural that fringing plays such a major role in my collections and regardless of the trends, fringes will always remain a trademark of my brand.” says creative director Laura Lazar

Roger Daltrey


Jimi Hendrix


Janis Joplin


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