How It’s Made: Your Favorite Rock’n’Royal T-shirts

Dear Rock and Royal friends, today we’ll be going on a behind-the-scenes tour with our latest capsule collection, to find out how your favorite Rock’n’Royal T-shirts are made.

Inspired by the brand’s Rock It Your Way philosophy and the designer’s deep-rooted affinity and unique take on rock and roll and punk rock scene of late ‘70s, grunge music genre, culture and lifestyle, Rock’n’Royal is a special project that comes to life as a capsule collection. The collection features five T-shirts printed with iconic images of even more iconic rock stars.

To start things off, one of the trickiest parts of putting together the collection was the artists selection process, because choosing between so many talented rock stars and bands is no easy task. Eventually the final list was narrowed down to: Jim Morrison(sigh, sigh), Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Debbie Harry and Dave Gahan(oh, my!).

What follows is a challenging sketching process, as every image is hand drawn and then skilfully turned into digital print. At the same time there was a debate over what fabrics and colors to use, and we finally opted for white and grey soft-touch cotton jersey for the most comfortable fit. The first samples were ready in a week, and after putting on the finishing touches the collection was available in our showroom.

Now you know the story behind our brand’s signature Rock’n’Royal concept and we hope you enjoy this beautiful ride as much as we do!

P.S. Just a little inside styling tip: our Rock’n’Royal tees are meant to be worn with the right dose of bad girl/boy attitude!

1rock and royal jim morrison
1rock and royal kurt cobain
1rock and royal debbie harry
rock and royal courtney love
rock and royal dave gahan

Rock It Your Way!

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